360 Enhancers Corporation utilizes a client-specific research model for sales and business development to document revenue impacting information from prospective accounts, markets, channels of distribution, and competitors.

Our sales development model targets research specifically to your organization's customers, prospects, distribution channels, and competitors. 360 Enhancers Corporation, when in the area of industrial consulting, has pioneered revenue generating research models with results. What we have specifically looked to do was to design market-specific models that target a minimum of NEW projected revenues per project.

We also provide solutions to difficult markets, sales, distributions, and service problems. Last, but not least, we provide performance fee based marketing programs on designated projects. Look for results with our models and continue to experience the growth you have anticipated in this fast and ever growing technological environment.

The executives of this firm have been intricately involved in the following aspects of business for various clients.
  • Turnarounds and downsizing.
  • Expansions / merger and acquisitions.
  • Consulting to executive management committees.
  • Design of integrated date reporting systems.
  • Design of product and sales programs.
  • Senior relationship management involved in high level general / financial / consultative sales and business development.
  • Design and implementation of designer fee based, closed-end, industry specific, regulatory neutral income streams.