Become PCI Compliant

Are You Protecting your Customers Credit Card Information?

How Compliance May Affect Your Business!
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The opportunity to process credit/debit cards is a great way to grow your business and give your customers the payment options they have become accustomed to. In order to make the most of this opportunity, your customers have to trust that their card information will be handled in a responsible manner and that they can safely utilize these cards for purchases. We all share in the opportunity to demonstrate that credit/debit cards are a safe and convenient way to pay.

Merchants today are at risk for lawsuits and fines from the card associations for any type of data breach. In addition, the reputation of your business can be placed at serious risk if it becomes publicly known that your customers’ card information has been compromised.

Please help us assist you with your compliance efforts by following through our Compliance Checklist. The checklist will guide you through important issues that you need to be aware of and will point you to the specific corrective actions you should take. The checklist only has three steps:

Choose your payment acceptance solution.

Verify your paper credit card receipts are truncated in compliance with FACTA requirements.

Verify that all credit card data is being handled in compliance with PCI requirements.

Again, we strongly recommend you review this information carefully and follow through on the appropriate steps to ensure your business is in compliance.

Become PCI Compliant!

Follow the 3 steps to become Compliant.