We at 360 Enhancers Corporation would like to take this time to thank you for the opportunity to serve your financial needs and commercial development. We would like to take a moment to inform you of what you can expect from 360 Enhancers Corporation during this time of due diligence. We simply ask for the following initial documents to be sent to us:

1. Complete and concise executive summary.  *(See example below).
2. Last three (3) years tax returns (personal on principals and corporate).
3. Year to date profit and loss statements.
4. Audited personal financial statement.
5. Resumes of all key parties and principals with completed projects and returns.
6. Any and all 3rd party reports (to include):
7. Title/date property was purchased OR purchase contract/close of escrow date.
8. Amount paid/to be paid for the property, and all financing arrangements.
9. Property value today (with appraisal report).
10. Phase One Environmental report.
11. Copies of all permits and approvals from City, County, State, and Federal.
12. List of all permits and approvals pending and/or yet to be obtained and from whom.
13. Engineering reports.
14. Site plans(s) with document(s) showing utilities on site or plans to bring them in.
15. Budget report.
16. Scheduling and start and completion dates and phase and anticipated draw dates.
17. Itemized list of all work paid for and completed to date.
18. Itemized list of all financing and/or work to be done with the loan proceeds.
19. Recent survey.
20. Copies of any hard sales or pre-sales contracts or reservations or lease agreements.
21. Preliminary title report.
22. List of any and all liens and/or other interests in subject property.
23. Copy of wrap policy/bond in place or to be issued by "whom" (give agents info.)
24. Recent comps on all like completed development(s) or projects(s) in area.
25. Exit strategy.
26 Lenders and business references on principals.

*One to Two Page Executive Summary
The Executive Summary should contain the following:

-How much and what kind of loan do you need or want?
-What kind of project is it
-What is the location?
-What stage has been competed and how many stages are remaining?
-Has initial development plan check been completed?
-Have curbs and utilities been completed?
-Is the project ready to be constructed?
-What are the time frames?
-Summary of exit strategy.
-Who are in the project (principals)?
-How much liquid capital has been expended?
-Resumes and net worth of principals.
-Who is on title to the land?
-What is the current mortgage balance on the land?
-What is the current zoning?
-What is the value of land "as is" and "as completed?"

We request that any and all questions that you have be sent to us via email
to info@360Enhancers.com or by fax (858) 764-5443.
To assist us in keeping track of your important correspondence, we ask that the subject line on all Emails or faxes be identified by the project name. Again, we thank you for the privilege of serving you.

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